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  • Leftovers and the Olympics – so what could they have common?

    Emma Marsh, 27 Jul 2012, Comments: 3
    Leftovers and the Olympics – so what could they have common?Amazingly more than 14 million meals will be served during the Olympic Games in what has been classed as the largest peace-time catering operation in the world! That includes:25,000 loaves of bread232 tonnes of potatoes82 tonnes of seafood31 tonnes of poultry items100 tonnes of meat75,000 litres of milk19 tonnes of eggs21 tonnes of...
  • Economy Gastronomy? Delicious new recipe from celebrity chef Paul Merrett

    Emma Marsh, 16 Jul 2012, Comments: 4
    Do I have a wonderful leftover recipe for you, just perfect for a weekday night?I do indeed!Top chef Paul Merrett, who co-wrote the fantastic book Economy Gastronomy, has kindly donated a recipe to Love Food Hate Waste to help us waste less food and love our food even more.Paul owns and runs The Victoria, Public house, Hotel and dining room in Sheen.His home and his restaurant are both run using...
  • All things strawberries...from leftover recipes to top tips

    I love strawberries! Even though we know can buy strawberries throughout the year, nothing compares to sweet, home-grown ones which ripen in June and July. Having been on holiday for two weeks they are top of my thoughts!Interestingly they are also one of the top leftover foods people say they frequently throw away as they ‘go off’ before they can use them. Therefore here are my top 10 tips and...
  • Colourful new recipes from talented chef Mark Greenaway go live today

    Viki Coppin, 2 Jul 2012, Comments: 1
    On a dull and grey Monday morning, what better way to brighten things up than to share with you some wonderful recipes from Mark Greenaway. Mark has kindly donated two delicious duck recipes and a recipe for the most gloriously indulgent cheesecake. Ever wondered what you can do with that leftover blue cheese in the fridge? Mark's Duck egg salad recipe gives you a great opportunity to...

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