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Leftovers and the Olympics – so what could they have common?

Leftovers and the Olympics – so what could they have common?

File 770Amazingly more than 14 million meals will be served during the Olympic Games in what has been classed as the largest peace-time catering operation in the world! 

File 558That includes:

  1. 25,000 loaves of bread
  2. 232 tonnes of potatoes
  3. 82 tonnes of seafood
  4. 31 tonnes of poultry items
  5. 100 tonnes of meat
  6. 75,000 litres of milkFile 557
  7. 19 tonnes of eggs
  8. 21 tonnes of cheese
  9. 330 tonnes of fruit/vegetables

That’s a lot of food and potentially a lot of leftovers needing some inspiration!

Look no are my top tips for these top foods for any cooks out there on how to make the most of your bread, potatoes, seafood…..

  1. Make breadcrumbs from any leftover/unused slices or crusts of bread. Whizz up in a food processor or grate by hand – if you want them crunchy try putting them in an oven which has just been turned off to dry them out. Then freeze in a bag or pot. Use with grated cheese on top of macaroni cheese or a pasta bake (grill to get a crispy topping), or use as you would in any recipe using breadcrumbs.
  2. If you spot your potatoes are heading towards the wrinklier side of life cook them up and mash them. Divide into portions and freeze. Then whenever you want a mashed potato topping for shepherd’s pie, or simply want some mashed potato just defrost and heat till piping hot. Saves loads of time and means you don’t have to go out and buy more potatoes next time.
  3. File 259When buying seafood think about buying a bag of frozen seafood for the freezer. You only need to use what you need at the time and are always a great standby for an emergency instant supper. Whether they are mixed with spicy rice, added to pasta or soups or simply served in a stir-fry, it will always promise to be a fast and tasty supper. Why not try Stir-Fried Seafood with Noodles tonight?
  4. Leftover chicken? Don’t know what to do with it? Try making Moroccan Style Chicken Stew - this deliciously thick stew can be varied depending on what you have in the fridge. Its good served with couscous, rice, baked potatoes or warm pita bread and salad. It’s also really tasty cold the next day served in a wrap.
  5. Elizabeth Pratt submitted this great tip to the website for making the most of meat which needs using up “If you haven't got time to make a shepherd's pie from your leftover roast, whiz the meat with an onion in the food processor and pour into a freezer bag for later. It is then quick and easy to cook the prepared meat mixture from frozen to make a shepherd's pie or rissoles.” There are great recipes on the website to give you inspiration for using the mince up to create a delicious new meal.
  6. File 250Got some milk that needs using up quickly? Think about making Easy Smoked Fish Pie with Cheesy Crumble for tea or if you’re after something sweet and the milk has already started to go a bit sour try soured milk scones
  7. Remembered there are a few eggs you need to use up? Did you know you can actually freeze them? Eggs can be frozen successfully, but separately. For whites, make sure you label how many there are in each container. Leave whites to thaw naturally. They are ideal for making meringues: allow 50g caster sugar per white and proceed as normal. Tip! Providing eggs are cooked thoroughly, they can be eaten a day or two after their ‘best before’ date.
  8. Fresh parmesan can be expensive so if you find it goes off before you can use it all grate the whole wedge of parmesan into a container and place in freezer – it’ll last for ages! Delicious sprinkled over Bolognese when serving or added to cheese sauce.
  9. File 206And finally never forget to keep your apples in the fridge and not the fruit bowl…you’ll get up to 2 weeks more freshness if they are in a lightly tied plastic bag (or their original packaging) in the fridge. And if you’ve got a couple of soft apples lingering in the fruit bowl try bringing them back to life by making a Rhubarb, Apple and Orange Compote to have with your muesli this weekend.

File 662Whatever food you enjoy this weekend don’t forget to make the most of it
and if you need inspiration on planning your meals, making a list, portioning or simply want to know more about why it’s an issue take a look around the website and share some ideas with friends!

Have a great weekend!

Emma xx

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Emma.Marsh 21 September 2012

Hi this is great advice, but if I only have certain things in the fridge what can I do. A lady that me about this said the website had like a thing we could use by typing what we have in the fridge and it will come up with ideas please get in touch thank you

Anonymous(not verified) 20 September 2012

And don't forget bread pudding with stale bread, milk going of and tired fruits of any sort

Christine Duff(not verified) 27 July 2012

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