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  • Love Food Hate Waste and seasonal food tips

    Emma Marsh, 28 Aug 2012, Comments: 1
    This weekend I had my first plum off the small plum tree we have in the garden. It was one of just three I had left after the weather and sparrows had got to them first. But it was heaven...and perhaps I valued it a lot more because there were so few?At Love Food Hate Waste we'll be featuring all things seasonal and all things water next week. From the 5th September you can read all about the...
  • 'Leftovers' curry - tips, tricks and delicious recipes

    Emma Marsh, 16 Aug 2012, Comments: 2
    I love it when tea can be quick, tasty and cheap.I love it even more when it's made using up odds and ends from the fridge or using up leftovers.Everyone has a few odds and ends of veg leftover at the end of the week. From cauliflower stalks to a couple of wrinkly old carrots. Even a bit of cooked chicken or beef just waiting to be made into something wonderful such as lasagnes, stews, soups, and...
  • Save money by filling out a food diary

    So you think you don’t waste food? You’re not alone. Most of us think we waste hardly any or no food at all – even though each and every one of us throws away on average 120 kg of food a year. That’s the same weight as 48 bags of potatoes from the supermarket, or 120 bags of sugar! I could go on but it’s a staggering amount.We don’t tend to talk about the food we throw away, we don’t think about...
  • For the love of a courgette!

    Emma Marsh, 3 Aug 2012, Comments: 2
    Nothing tells me its summer like an evening wondering how I can incorporate courgettes into every part of dinner. I grow courgettes and always plant too many – for much of this summer I’ve been trying to eek them out as there’s been such a poor crop but this week my crop has got out of control!I needed some real inspiration to avoid the classic in our house - ratatouille with courgettes on the...

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