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Make a new year’s resolution to love your food!

New year, new me! That’s what lots of us say to ourselves in January. 

Our resolutions usually focus on ditching bad habits as we plan to get fit and eat more healthily, save money or visit a country we’ve never been to before.

Bowl of fruit

Love Food Hate Waste can help you achieve all this and more! That’s a bold claim but with most of our resolutions being about improving our lives, what we eat can play a big role in making positive changes to our day to day actions. 

Step 1 - work out what you waste

Until you know what's going in your bin and down the sink each week it's really hard to visualise just how much you could save and what small changes in habits need to happen. A food waste caddy, a simple diary, food waste photos, whatever way you choose to work it out start today and get everyone in the house to join in. Once you know, you can take control, and explore this website for tips, recipes, videos, guidance and support.

Step 2 - start saving money

We can all save money by wasting less food - in fact a family of four can save almost £60 a month. For the average person it's £200 a year!

File 662One of the best ways to do this is to plan meals. It’s really simple and saves time in the long run. 

If you’re not sure where to start try Love Food Hate Waste’s two week meal planner. If you don’t eat meat there’s a two week meat-free version.

Another great tip is to take a list to the supermarket - it makes shopping quicker and means you don’t buy things you don’t need.

Keep a pad and pen in the kitchen and when you run out of something add it to your shopping list. Check your cupboards and fridge before you go shopping and make a note of anything you need to buy. If you run out of time take a quick snapshot of your fridge and cupboard before you leave home to make sure you don't double-buy.

Step3 - perfect those portions

There are lots of reasons why diets are tough to stick to, and one of them is because it can be tricky to judge portions properly. 

File 53It’s easy to cook too much pasta and rice, but Love Food Hate Waste can help with a clever portion calculator which takes away the guess work on quantities when you’re cooking for family and friends.

And everyday kitchen equipment can help prepare perfect portions:

  • An average size mug is great for measuring uncooked rice. One adult portion is about a quarter of a mug.
  • A tablespoon is great for measuring portions of beans, lentils and dried fruit.
  • Weighing scales help with measuring everyday portions.

And if you do cook too much, why not freeze leftovers for another time. 

Step 4 - visit a country you’ve never been to before?

Love Food Hate Waste can whisk you off to exotic locations - through your taste buds! Cooking recipes from around the world is a great way to enjoy different cultures without having to leave the house. 

File 881Why not experience Spanish flavours by getting children to help make Spanish cheese on toast, enjoy French cuisine by cooking up delicious sweet domotille or savour Indian spices by creating a leftover chicken curry.

Planning what we buy, cook and eat can help you feel healthier, save money and cut the food you waste. And here at we really can make it easier for you to stick to your new year’s resolutions! 

Step 5 - get fit and eat more healthily?

File 559Eating a diet with five portions of fruit and veg a day is an important part of staying healthy. But in the UK we buy and then end up throwing away 13.5 billion ‘five a day’ portions every single year - just from our homes. 

Love Food Hate Waste can help though. Store your fruit and veg in the firdge to help them stay fresher and last longer. If you buy them packaged keep the packaging on in the fridge - it keeps the moisture in to keep food fresher for longer. There are loads of recipes on the website which will give you inspiration to cook fresh food, easily and quickly.

We’ve also got videos which show lots of simple ways to make the most of the food we buy. Find out how to freeze and defrost rice, get some great meal planning tips and discover more about perfect portions.

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