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Use your loaf

From sliced bread to bagels, Love Food Hate Waste has lots of top tips for making the most of all your bakery products.

  • Most bakery products have a ‘best before’ date - these dates refer to quality, so your bakery products can still be eaten after this date, but may no longer be at their best.

  • Sliced breads, pitta breads, crumpets, bagels and hot cross buns are all are great for freezing and can be toasted straight from frozen as and when you likeFile 99

  • Make slightly stale bread and leftover bread crusts into breadcrumbs by whizzing up in a food processor, and store in the freezer to use later in bread sauces, savoury crumbles or as a coating for chicken or fish

  • Use up leftover croissants and muffins to make a traditional bread and butter pudding with a twist

  • Freeze leftover cake in slices; defrost slice by slice for a tasty treat – or if you have a whole cake to freeze, wrap in a layer of plastic wrap, then in a layer of foil, and freeze for up to one month

  • Storing bread in the fridge can make it go stale quicker. The best place to store bread is in a cool, dark and dry place, your bread bin or store cupboard is perfect

  • To freshen up a day old loaf, hold it very briefly under a running cold tap. Give it a good shake and pop in a hot oven for about 10 minutes; it will be as soft and crusty as freshly baked bread

  • Spread the crusts from a loaf with garlic butter, and toast under the grill, cut into fingers and serve for a quick and easy snack

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